Cannonian Time

What it is, and why you should use it

by Jack Cannon

What it is

Cannonian Time is a metric time.

There are 100 hours in a day!

Standard Time

/24 /60 /60

Cannonian Time

/100 /10 /100

Standard Time

/24 /60 /60

Cannonian Time

/100 /10 /100

Standard Time

Why 24/60/60?

24 Hours

The Egyptians split the daytime into 12 equal parts.

They used a base 12 system, opposed to a base 10.

Similarly they split the nighttime into 12 parts too.

24 Hours

Hours changed throughout the year.

Day Hours !== Night Hours

A greek, Hipparchus, decided to have 24 equal hours.

60 Minutes/Seconds

60 minutes and 60 seconds were introduced by the Babylonians

Like the Egyptians, they used a base 12 system.

12 * 5 = 60

60 is the earliest number to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 as factors.

Cannonian Time

Why 100/10/100?

Why metric?

Imperial measurements are slowly being shunned.

Weight, Temperature, Length, Pressure, etc all have a metric system.

Time doesn't yet.

It's probably the most important measurement, so why not?

Why 100 Hours?

I considered using 10 hours, but I decided against it.

A day has 24 hours, making 100 hours easier to convert to.

The length of a 100th of the day is easy to comprehend than a 10th.

Why 10 Minutes?

A 1000th of a day is very easy to follow.

It's just short of a minute and a half in standard time.

I chose the keep the times as similar to standard as possible is order to keep it familiar.

Why 100 Centiminutes?

A 100000th of day is 0.864 standard seconds

Again, this is to make seconds feel familiar

Didn't call them Seconds to avoid confusion!

The Differences

Here's the low-down on the important differences.


100 Cannonian Hours = 24 standard hours

This works out at:

1 Cannonian Hour = 14 minutes, 23 seconds

Which, roughly translates to:

1 Cannonian Hour = ΒΌ standard hour


1 Cannonian Minute = 1 min 26 secs

0.69 Cannonian Minutes = 1 standard Minute


1 Centiminute = 0.864 Seconds

1.16 Centiminutes = 1 Second

Living with Cannonian Time

Cannonian Week

27th May to 2nd June 2013 was "Cannonian Week"

For 1 whole week, I used Cannonian time exclusively

Cannonian Week

I made some analogue clocks and even a watch to help me out

Cannonian Week

But I mainly used

Cannonian Week

How it went

Nearly everything went well!

After the initial adjustment, I got really used to the new way.

However, I did miss the first 5 minutes of the Apprentice

The end